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"I do all that" — Websites, Online Marketing, SEO, Writing, Media Production

This is my little corner of the Internet 🌎 for showcasing who I am and what I do. On this site I'm often testing brilliant ideas, sharing thoughts, cataloging my work, and chronicling daily life.

My aim is to share useful information and insights with others so that YOU can learn a little about me and benefit from my personal trials and lessons.

Colton smiles at a professional photo shoot wearing a ridiculous shirt combo
IMAGE: Colton smiles at a professional photo shoot wearing a ridiculous shirt combo
Colton poses near Seattle's Elliot Bay while people work in the background
IMAGE: Colton poses near Seattle's Elliot Bay while people actually work in the background
1. Video Introduction

video of me explaining what a self-marketer is

Know this: I'm out to prove that Self-Marketing is digital marketing practice that is sustainable for small business owners, professionals, and creative people.

TIP: Try Googling "Colton James Townsend" and let me know if this video pops us!

Here's all that I did to make this video:

  1. I REALLY didn't feel like putting my face on camera
  2. But, I set my smartphone on a stand from my buddy's desk
  3. I hit record 🎥
  4. Unprepared to say anything, I just ranted on this one idea for a three minutes
  5. Saved the video, trimmed off a bit from the beginning and end, and uploaded the video file to YouTube
  6. Optimized YouTube upload for very basic Search Engine (Google) visibility
VIDEO: Colton briefly explains who he is and why he focuses on self-marketing.
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My name is Colton James Townsend. I'm a freelance professional in marketing, writing, creative development, media production, you name it, and I'm interested in personal branding and what happens when someone types your name in on Google are these other search engines and they're gonna see some result there. They're gonna see whatever's been published that's highly associated with your name and your value. So, all I'm about these days is trying to find ways that require minimal production value in terms of how much effort you got to put into pumping up the quality of getting multiple cameras and lighting and audio and, you know, perfected scripts it's just unnecessary anymore in these days and I want to see individuals self publish in a way that's just raw open authentic and frequent enough to keep us informed and updated but you don't have to put something out there every waking moment of the day. Most people won't care. If you do have that dedicated of fans, well congratulations and please continue thriving on that end. All else being said, I just want it to be known that this is the very first video I've ever made doing this. I was scratching down a script maybe an hour ago while I was hanging out at the pub and been tinkering around with this idea for so long, I just said I need to do it and I need to put out something to begin this process of controlling what occurs at the other end of a search for this person of interest, in this case of being me, Colton James Townsend, who is advocating and helping professionals and other individuals stand out on their personal brand name, online in video, text, audio, whatever format, image, whatever format that it needs to be, in all the formats maybe. But the point is being there, showing up, and providing that content, that information, that publication, at the end of the search results so you can stand out and put your message forward. I'm not gonna redo this video. I'm just gonna try to rank for my own name with this as my only standalone video for Colton James Townsend. The website's not even up yet. The YouTube channel is not even up yet. Nothing is up yet. This is the first small self vlog interview thing that could possibly exist and it's unscripted, uncut. We're just doing it. If this can result in something and required almost no effort other than the time spent recording, then you can do something too and I hope you take that away and begin considering how your personal brand, your name brand, is reflected online and how you can improve and present your most authentic self. Until next time. Hide Transcript
This video was made with minimal production effort, but provides maximum productive use.

This Video Helped me Build My Website!!!

🎉 Great! But, how does a simple video like this help me create content for my website?

Because I can flip that video into multiple forms of rich content used to build valuable pages for my website.

What this 3-min recording Generated for me

  • Right away, a video for my YouTube channel
  • More importantly, a video found by Googling "Colton James Townsend"
  • Still images of video for my website photos
  • A 450 word transcript as a text file I can use to "write" my webpages with
  • This very section you're reading on my website!

And yeah, I think the video itself kinda sucks🤨. There are plenty of things to critique or criticize. But who cares?? Even when I didn't look my best, it got done.

Publishing with persistence beats out perfectionism in presentation.

2. I'm a Digital Marketer

Colton Helps People Build their websites and Manage SEO

I'm continually experimenting with website design, publishing, and Search Engine marketing. The landscape of digital marketing evolves constantly and demands continued learning.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization (How to compete in Google rankings)

I help all kinds of people with their website projects

I say I help "People" because I most enjoy assisting on website & SEO projects for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Artists and Creative People
  • Leaders
  • Career Professionals
  • Individuals Interested in Web Publishing
A graphic that reads "Bringing your brilliance to the whole wide world"
IMAGE: Colton's personal mission statement

Due to the state of rapid change in the marketing industry, the most important lesson I've learned since launching my first internet marketing company, it's this:

Every website project has different needs, and so do my clients.

In response, I've launched my new company, Colton James Townsend, LLC to operate as a freelance web professional.

The purpose of a digital marketing professional is to help clients create, maintain, and optimize their online presence

common problems when hiring help for your website

Paying too much or too little for your new website or redesign? These are common problems you can run into when hiring someone to work on your website.

  • Problem #1 Paying TOO MUCH for a website and you're likely just handing extra money to the developer to implement unnecessary features or to accrue inefficient labor hours
  • Problem #2 If you pay TOO LITTLE or try to build the website on your own, be sure that you aren't missing any success components for a reliable website: Responsive Design, Accessibility Standards, Page Content Optimized for Search Engines, Page Load Speeds, etc.

Websites can be extremely sophisticated and expensive to manage. On the flip-side, websites without enough investment in its design and development run the risk of being completely ineffective, rending your efforts and expenses a waste.

If a website is too basic, vague, or underdeveloped it won't offer anything of value to your site visitors. No one will care about your website if it doesn't provide them with some form of useful information or entertainment value.

I design websites that are lightweight, fun to use, and full of good old information that is easy to find and digest.

My Process for new SEO projects

  1. We get to know eachother
  2. Audit your site for its technical configuration, existing content, and opportunities for improvement
  3. Technical checklist serviced and strategic options explored
  4. Creative production to nurture marketing objectives
3. And I'm a Writer

Colton writes as a practice of self-Development

My love for the web lies close to my love for writing.

Giving my thoughts permission to spread across a blank page is my "practice" in writing.

I never quite know what to expect when sitting down to write — and that's precisely what is so compelling to me about the pracice.

I could always write about marketing and websites, but I'd bore myself to death.

This site will surely toss around ideas related to self-development, productivity, learning, achievement, eating, or whatever else piques my interest.

You can expect this website to contain my writing on:

  1. Walla Walla, Washington General Info
  2. Digital Marketing Tips and Resources
  3. Self-Development Experimentation
  4. Other Personal and Playful Topics

I enjoy sharing bits of my personal writing, presenting my thoughts and opinions as if I actually know what I'm discussing.

From time to time, I'll rifle through my notes and shape the contents of my scribbles into publicly accessible reading material on my personal blog.

Mom might care to read it to find out what I'm up to once in a while.

Colton's writing Samples you may care to enjoy

4. Living in Walla Walla, WA

I grew up in Walla Walla, left for a while, and came back

I was born in St. Mary's hospital in Walla Walla, Washington on May 14th, 1990, — "The day the world changed" 😜

My wonderful parents raised me in the neighboring rural town of Waitsburg.

For most of my life, Walla Walla was simply referred to as "town".

5. Contact Me or Signup for Email

Please reach out for business or creative opportunities

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