Me, Colton James Townsend

Born & raised in the farmlands in the Pacific Northwest, near Walla Walla, Washington. Inspired by self-exploration, expanding cultural horizons, production systems, and creative development. Lover of genericisms. Believes to invent new words on occasion, falsely so.

From: Waitsburg / Walla Walla, Washington
Lives In: Waitsburg / Walla Walla, Washington

Colton smiles while tending to a large campfire on the beach
IMAGE: Colton smiles while tending to a large campfire on the beach.

Why I built this website

In 2015 I started up a website design and digital marketing business with one of my closest friends. Business really picked up after a couple of years and we retained several respectable clients.

While our venture grew, I discovered that this lifestyle I'd developed wasn't serving me well. Heartbreak set in when I discovered that what I'd worked so hard to establish left me isolated and resentful of the obligations I'd sold myself into.

Depression, loneliness, and self-loathing became standard operating procedure — My life was running away from me but I couldn't move despite having big dreams and aspirations.

I'm starting over now, accepting my failings and shortcomings while commiting to leading a life of health, creativity, and fulfilment that has been at the forefront of my desires since discovering the self-help world as a teenager.

The road ahead isn't clear and it doesn't guarantee my salvation. However, I know now that I must balance my needs for creative expression, relationships, learning, and service.

You can reach out to me personally at if you want to share something with me, discuss collaborative opportunities, or just converse. More options for connecting below!