Colton James Townsend's Professional contacts, referrals and references

These are my people, straight and true. Without these beautiful and auspicious individuals, my world simply wouldn't be the same. I'm all the better for becoming their acquaintance and trusted counterpart. Much love to all here and soon to be here with me!

Connor Talbott

tall town design

Owner, co-founder, search engine optimization, president

Connor Talbott holds his fingers to his chin while looking off the side, suspiciously.
IMAGE: Connor Talbott holds his fingers to his chin while looking off the side, suspiciously.

Connor and I go way, way back in time. All the way to the 1st grade, at least. He was always a grade above me throughout school. That is, until we both were students at Washington State University! Then, I was holding my expensive diploma first. Apparently his degree in Astrophysics was decently harder to earn than my plain ol' International Business degree.

Whoa. There is literally so much history I could bring to bear to the public here, but let's all save the embarrassment.

Connor is has to be one of the hardest working and most dedicated people I know. Most of us need some external pressure to keep deadlines, march through unpleasant tasks, and volunteer for a position no one else wants to own. Connor surpasses the norm in all regards!

President Connor, is how he should be referred to. He's president of the company Tall Town design, he's president of his local Rotary Club, and he's president of a local Professional Networking Non-Profit group, The Seattle Search Network.

Michael Teehee

Common Interest media
(let's build out that website, buddy!)

media production specialist, drifter, Gentleman

Michael Teehee poses in a baseball cap in front of a streaming riverside
IMAGE: Michael Teehee poses in a baseball cap in front of a streaming riverside.

Michael was one of my first roommates in Seattle, WA, when I first moved there in the summer of 2014. Michael was pivotal in demonstrating to me the possibility of entrepreneurship, individual liberties, and creative partnerships. Basically, he showed me that it was perfectly in my power to support myself through my creative interests.

To this day, we continue sporadic collaboration through our businesses and play the part of life-coach / consultant / reality-checker roles to one another quite regularly.

Michael is on the board of the Washougal Business Association in Washougal, Washington. His office for Common Interest Media is also located in Washougal.

*NOTE: Just in case I for some reason need to include a legal disclaimer on my page of References, let it be known that there are no such affiliate profit sharing relationships with any of the people or businesses included on this website. In all cases, those represented on this site are my friends and close associates who have allowed me to include their biographical information on my website. These are great people that I know and vouch for.