When was the last time you actually sat down to write out your favorite memories and old stories?

If you want to be able to preserve your most precious memories, organize your history, and share your life's story with loved ones for generations to come...

Then you need to work with a Professional Ghostwriter!

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Have you created your Personal Legacy book yet???

For Seniors and Anyone Who's Lived a Life Worth Remembering!

Here's just a tiny peek of what you'll accomplish when working with me to write your "Personal Legacy Book":

Professional Ghostwriting Services
  • Write your memoir and let the professional writer do the work

  • Turn your life story into a published book (and get it printed)

  • Take on the role of a storyteller, not a "writer", but still get it ALL recorded and down on paper

  • Get more "writing" done in less time

Publish Your Book in Print AND in eBook Format
  • Keep printed copies of your finished book at home to share with loved ones. 

  • Digital copies from popular eBook sites like Amazon Kindle or iBooks (as well as PDF downloads) are also included to make sharing your stories even easier!

In-Depth Interviews with You and Loved Ones
  • Keep your loved ones' memories alive by having them share their own stories, thoughts, and feelings for their children

  • Allow your loved or beloved family members to express themselves in a beautifully printed and bound book 

  • Ensure that the next generation hears about your legacy with accuracy

Preserve Memories for Generations
  • Share your stories with loved ones

  • Keep printed copies at home, ready for when you want to re-read or share them

  • Digital copies are also included in case you want to share on the go!

A Family Keepsake That's 100% Yours
  • Customized and written in your voice

  • Expresses the heartfelt feelings you want to share with loved ones

  • Keepsake that will bring back warm memories for years to come

  • Peace of mind knowing it won't get lost amongst other things

I'm here to help you record and preserve your Personal Legacy!

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