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Copywriting research in 10 pages of a book

This morning, I needed to do some language research for my business in Guided Memory Journaling. I'm also in the process of bringing more creativity and flexibility to my reading sessions. With these two intentions suspended simultaneously in my psych-space, I thought, "Here's an idea! Why don't I find a book from my own library that speaks on the subject of Memory and scan it for useful terms and methods for speaking to the selling points around Memory Preservation (which is one of the objectives of GMJ)?"

Well, here's what came out of the first 10 pages (well... I did include every page from the cover UP to the 10th official page in the book):

But the real benefit to retain from this exercise is to secure the scraped content into a Swipe File.

I generally use a spreadsheet app for starters when building my copywriting swipe files for a project.

Link to Google Sheet here.

There are a lot of benefits to keeping the swipe file in a simple spreadsheet, for me at least

Basically, what I do is start at the beginning of the notes/highlights in the book and start copying them down, line by line, in the smallest "chunks" that make sense to me. These chunks can be a single keyword, a short phrase, an entire sentence, or a full quoted section.

It's nice to have the numbered sequence column on the left in case I ever need to sort these entries by their order of appearance in the book; that was I can reference back to the source material much faster (though not perfectly by page number or anything crazy like that).

Yes, this can be done just as easily (actually more easily) with kindle books, PDFs, website articles, and other kinds of ebooks (it's the technical approach and tools which vary).

The point in this exercise is to capture any compelling language that can be a useful inspiration for my own copywriting processes (which correlates closely with this book's theme of "preventing memory loss").

I can then sort and filter, analyze, and review this source's material when I'm ready to start drafting my own material for marketing copy.

And finally, here's the list of material I've sourced out of this little exercise:

(And for those who may be curious, I probably spent the entirety of 90 minutes on this whole process, included the development of this blog post. I learned a lot in that time and I've PRESERVED a nice chunk of useful material for my business ✅✅ )

  1. preserve your memories

  2. memory rescue

  3. remember what matters most

  4. share what matters most

  5. declining memory

  6. memory loss

  7. recall and memory comparison

  8. brain health

  9. improve your memory

  10. sharpen memory like you would sharpen a pencil

  11. brain aging

  12. brain exercises

  13. strengthen their memory

  14. stay sharp

  15. keep your memory strong

  16. memory decline

  17. recovering and preserving memory

  18. fearful of memory loss

  19. memory is the most important part of your mind

  20. optimize and maximize your mind and memory

  21. keep your memory strong

  22. our ability to remember is a precious gift, one that makes us human

  23. our precious asset

  24. your ticker and your thinker

  25. healthy memories

  26. protect your brain

  27. renew your memory

  28. tune your brain

  29. the problem ... the promise ... the program (solution)

  30. approach to rescuing your memory

  31. when you stop learning, you start dying

  32. sharpen your memory: brain workouts

  33. memory medications

  34. memory problems

  35. alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia

  36. brain fog

  37. trouble remembering

  38. mnemonic, a memory device

  39. alcohol or drug abuse

  40. chronic stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder

  41. ameliorated

  42. loving your brain means treating it with respect and care

  43. memory is the treasury and guardian of all things - marcus tullius cicero

  44. memory was slipping

  45. lost her memory

  46. couldn't focus or remember

  47. struggled with her memory

  48. happier, healthier, wealthier, and more successful

  49. sadder, sicker, poorer, and less successful

  50. little lies

  51. justifications

  52. i don't want to deprive myself

  53. getting well is about abundance, never deprivation

  54. memory is life

  55. a breakthrough approach to memory issues, aging, and alzheimer's

  56. memory is all we are.... Take a man's memories and you take all of him. Chip away a memory at a time and you destroy him as surely as if you hammered nail after nail through his skull. - Mark Lawrence, King of Thorns

  57. memory is the fabric of our souls

  58. it enables us to integrate and make sense of the experiences of our bodies, minds, and spirits

  59. it makes us who we are and allows us to keep our loved ones close, even when they are far away

  60. memory houses our joys, our hurts, and all of life's lessons

  61. it reminds us who is trustworthy and who isn't, who has helped us and whom we need to help

  62. memory enables us all to recall the important events in our lives and keeps us centered and growing

  63. because it contributes to our values and outlook, it also provides us with a sense of purpose that gives our lives meaning

  64. our memories are such a part of us that we often take them for granted

  65. a "memory rescue" program

  66. the old approach to memory ...

  67. everyone has memory problems as they age

  68. from old age or distance between now and when the memory was formed (or last rehearsed)

  69. brain atrophy

  70. MCI = mild cognitive impairment

  71. memory medication

  72. memory training exercises

  73. unconscionable

  74. preclinical level

  75. biomarkers

  76. deteriorate

  77. subjective cognitive decline

  78. presymptomatic stage

  79. A breakthrough concept ...

  80. Rediscovery of a lost, ancient concept

  81. steve's story illustrates ...

  82. Steve: staring down Alzheimer's

  83. functional problems almost always precede structural problems

  84. marked overall improvement

  85. memory sustainability

  86. memory training and workouts to keep your brain sharp

  87. your brain, the place where memories are truly made


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