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Cultivated Enthusiasm

Updated: Nov 13

//\\ Cultivated Enthusiasm \\//

Have you even had the experience of not following through with a promise to yourself??

….duh!? Who hasn’t?!?

Frequently, it’s darn hard to do the hard work required of us to inch one step closer to realizing our dreams and goals; it’s often hardest just to show up for these demands in the first place. Despite the knowledge we may have that a consistent, daily practice is THE KEY to achieving our deepest desires, many of us simply cannot conjure the motivation (or heed the reminder) that propels us to necessary action when it matters most.

So what gives and why is it so much a part of the human condition to avoid or conveniently dismiss showing up for our positive daily habits???

My opinion: We don’t have enough ENTHUSIASM on our side. We should focus on capturing enthusiasm, then the work will naturally follow.

I have a challenging QUESTION FOR YOU:

“What needs to change so that I look forward to doing what needs to be done?” — Elizabeth Benton

Let’s break down this into constituents to better understand what’s being asked here (in reverse order):

  • #1 “What needs to be done?” This is ‘The Work’ of it all; the daily practice and acts of repetition. Going to the gym, reading a chapter of your book, writing for 20 minutes, preparing a meal at home, organize one corner of the house, etc.

  • #2 “So I look forward to doing” This is ‘The Motivation’ the raw enthusiasm itself; the energy that moves us from where we were to being accomplished in our job; our catalyst to showing up and doing The Work.

  • #3 “What needs to change?” This is ‘The Change’ or, as I would think of it, this is the mindset shift of CULTIVATING ENTHUSIASM. The most important question, of course, because change is our aim when we need to

Essentially asking ourselves WHAT. What can I focus on to feel more enthusiastic about doing this work??

ANSWER: Focus on the reward, the return that we realize both intrinsically and externally.

For me?

I cultivated enthusiasm to show up and write today because I get to process both the pain and the passion of my own being; I get to share with the people I love and care about; I get to keep a permanent record of my daily experience; I get to connect with YOU.

And I fucking love you 💝

Walla Walla YMCA Coffee room table and chair.

Tuesday morning.

Cold and sunny, blue skies.


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