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Daily Future-Self Journal

These prompts were shared with me by a love of mine who has had them resurface in her life after having used them several years ago.

What behavior or pattern do I want to change? Focus on ONE.

I want to experience 5 or more opportunities each day where I simply take one deep breath in and invite a huge smile to my face while focusing on something I'm deeply grateful for.

Write affirmations or statements that will help you achieve this. Let these flow naturally. Do no overthink them.

I prioritize my own own happiness. I take moments for myself to reflect on the greatest things taking place in my life currently. I have so many people, places, and things to be grateful for. I am grateful for myself and the life I am building to support my purpose and create a meaningful life. I can always take pieces of the time available to me in my day to rest and experience the full sensations of the true joys in life.

Write how you will be able to practice these new behaviors in daily life.

I'll watch the clock for when the time approaches the top of the hours. So then, at times like 9:00, 11:00, etc. I will be able to take a break from what I'm doing to embody joy and gratitude!

My daily affirmation:

From a small card left as a bookmark in a book I borrowed from a local neighbor's little free lending library:

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Today I will focus on shifting my pattern of:

Focus on the negatives, the problems, and instead finding at least 5 moments each day to breath/smile/give thanks.

3 traits that my future self will have are

1) Brimming with energy

2) Enthusiastic and excited about life!

3) Marked by steady concentration and deep listening

The person I am becoming will experience more:

Joys, comforts, bliss, love, pleasure, harmony, balance, peace.

I have an opportunity to be my future self today when I:

Remember my practice of stopping to breath, smile, and cultivate gratitude.

When I think about who I am becoming I feel:

Confident in my abilities to grow emotionally and spiritually "at the speed of a tree".

Impressed with my lifelong dedication to growth and expansion of my Soul's birthright to love and creativity.

Ready to evolve and mature into a wise and compassionate being.


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