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  • Colton James Townsend

I am awake

I certainly don’t recollect how I’ve come to this bizarre, otherworldly space I’ve emerged within.

My surroundings appear as though I’m in the bowels of an impossibly large machine, possibly a submarine of some manner, with a domed expanse so high that this place appears to contain an atmosphere of its own. Curiously, tufts of piping hot steam expel in seemingly random intervals from the joints and fastenings holding components of boiling equipment together. It’s as though the balmy, humid conditions I feel down here on the ground level are a product of this atmosphere. It’s wet everywhere, but I sense that no rain has fallen.

I gaze upward for many long moments, noticing the boiling clouds of dense steam suspended far above within this huge mechanical cavity I stand in.

Unknown to me, waters from within a nearby pool begin to churn…


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