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Identity-Based Habits : "Let's Journal!"

In today's class, we are honing in to find one small habit which will help us become the type of person we most aspire to be! We'll be using the identity-based approach to building habits from James Clear in his 30 Days to Better Habits program.

It's commonly thought that our habits should be focused on the Outcome of what we want. And that's obvious, right? "I want to make amazing and authentic baguette breads!" Although this is a pretty straightforward goal to have, the idea we're working with today wouldn't agree with this approach of focusing on your Outcome exclusively.

Instead, we're going to inquire as to what type of Person we need to become. Knowing what type of Person it takes to CREATE a certain outcome will allow us to take the identity-based path to habit building. As we create a new/better identity that influences our lifestyle, we make choices that reinforce the type of person we're becoming. And THEN realize the Outcomes we we're looking for in the first place.

If you wanna make top-shelf baguettes, what you actually want to aim for is the IDENTITY of becoming a French Bread Maker. See the difference?? Baguette=Outcome and French Break Maker=Identity.

Enough explainer. Let's Journal!

  1. What is the Outcome you want?

  2. Who is the type of Person who can achieve that Outcome?

  3. Who is the type of Person you wish to become?

  4. What is one small habit that casts a vote for becoming that type of Person?

  5. What values do you want to stand for?

  6. What principles are important to you?

  7. I'm the type of Person who ______.

  8. The habit I'll be focusing on is ______.


1) What is the Outcome you want?

A: I want to publish my journaling as a series of memoirs!

I want an outcome related to the establishment of my systems, routines, and processes so that my daily journaling work fulfills many more of my roles and needs in one flowing process. So, if I'm showing up each day doing these things, I'll be getting my outcome: planning, finding inspiration/education, scheduling, blog writing, livestreaming, posting on social media, designing graphics, journaling, transposing, transcribing, presenting/teaching.

2) Who is the type of Person who can achieve that Outcome?

  • A professional memoir writer / biographer

  • An online marketing content writer / creator

  • A journalist 🌟

  • A book publisher

  • A streamer (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, IG, etc.)

  • A content production expert

  • A digital multimedia professional

  • Blog and Vlog managers

  • Website creators / Blog publishers

  • Coaches, teachers, authors, subject matter experts

3) Who is the type of person you wish to become?

I wish to become a "Professional Journaling Guide"

This means quite a lot of different offerings, products, and services could potentially result from my having this identity as a "Professional Journaling Guide." As I've already seen in today's Enhanced production of my Let's Journal class series, there are many skills and sub-routines that fold into a completed repetition of this exercise. "Professional" as the leading word implies that I will be making an income from my efforts and that someone might even pay for my time and effort.

4) What is one small habit that casts a vote for becoming that type of person?

  • Journal once per day

  • Share a journaling prompt on website/social media

  • Record myself for a couple minutes giving or responding to a prompt

  • Schedule a Let's Journal livestream

  • Create an outline for a 30 min Guided Journaling class 🌟

  • Save readings/prompts from material I'm studying

  • Find professional writing coaches and ask them how they make money

5) What values do you want to stand for?

Responsibility, dedication, creativity, healing, reflection, compassion, reliability, consistency, kindness, collaboration, belonging, consideration, critical thinking, connection, relationships, inclusion, professionalism, equality, understanding, mindfulness, cooperation, consensus, intelligence, wisdom, energetics, respect, legacy.

6) What principles are important to you?

  • Being on time and staying for the full duration

  • Maximizing production capabilities, for optimizations / efficiencies and outputs

  • Teaching what I'm learning

  • Learning by teaching and practicing with others

  • Doing vulnerability work with other people, or at least allowing it to be seen by others

  • Deliver clear and well articulated messages that appeal to common familiarity and metaphors related to the senses (or popular narrative forms)

  • Preparing just enough to start practicing, then analyzing after the fact

7) I'm the type of person who ______.

I'm the type of person who teaches journaling skills.

8) The habit I'll be focusing on is ______.

The habit I'll be focusing on is creating brief class outlines for 30 min Journaling Class livestreams.

Prompts from today's class in slide format!


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