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Is this loser shit? I don't do loser shit.

God, take anything from me. Take everything from me, but leave me my Hunger.

I am just a bum in disguise, taking cash handouts from my step-grandma and pissing in a used water bottle behind the closed door of my bedroom so that no one will know that I was pissing away my time drinking cheap beer and playing classic computer role playing games.

Get Hungry

This is loser shit. I’m not hungry when I’m stuffing myself full of loser shit.

I hangout in grocery stores because they have a warm place to sit, provide bottomless coffee for $1 + tax, free WiFi, and unrestricted access to the whole catalog of American stock grocery products at my disposal.

I come here alone. I leave alone with a few less credits in my bank account and a notebook that now has a couple extra pages of ramblings and idealistic schematics drawn into it.

After a night seeking to get naked with a hot girl who has a broken heart and denies her ability to be a good mother to her eldest child. It’s true… that’s the primary reason I try to stick around those two, for sexual permission to engage with their friend!

WTF am I doing? WTF am I going to do now?

I only want my Hunger, my shelter, and my love.

Upon these foundations, the masterpiece that is my life flourishes.

HIDE with the Indirect

= BURN that shit away!

Let me create a DIY writing program and put it up for sale on my website so that someone may one day buy it. = Choosing not to write until I have some sort of project slated in my mind that I hope people will love.

LEAD with the Direct

= Test in the real world by living / breathing / doing

Initiate dialogue with elderly people I see, asking them if they’ve ever journaled or recorded their life’s history. = Show up and write for myself.

How hungry do I get when…

  • ...My bank account borders on double digits, when even the decimal places start to count?

  • ...A female I’ve been spending time and having sex with is no longer a part of my life all of a sudden?

  • ...I can no longer numb, distract, or induce myself with external products?

Less chasing comfort / convenience

What more can I eliminate?

...from my energetic accounting?

What can I add or bring in as a replacement?

The abundance miracle.

Less needs… more drive to cover necessities

I gotta find a suitable place to take a shit so that my home doesn’t become a disease and I can get along with the people in my community.


  • Customers

  • Partners

  • Vendors

  • Public



Following Up


Singular Mind

Michael Teehee’s book recommendation

The way of the superior man: A spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire.


  • Self

  • Service

Looking back and seeing so much repetition of frustrations and suffering… Makes me FUCKING SICK!!!!!!!

My Dream 8

Condensed and reworded for modern times.

They don’t have definite ends at this moment.

  1. Nature

  2. Journaling

  3. Marketing

  4. Masculinity

  5. Mind-Body

  6. Recovery

  7. Clear conscience

  8. Contain ego

  9. Release shame

  10. Starve addictions

  11. Systems

  12. Wisdom

Easy to access / travel to and from / easy to start / simple objectives ….

Highly efficient daily…

  • Management / systems check

  • Exercise

  • Meditation

  • Prayer

  • Feeding

  • Cleaning / bathing

  • Reading / studying

  • Homework

  • Connection

And then, there’s the Business.


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