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Manifestation Momentum & Intention to Share Better

Updated: Nov 13

A simple reflective meditation for checking in with my Manifestation Momentum (could make these

  1. Why am I here?? (Examine my environment, take in the space)

  2. What am I doing?? (Identify what it is that I’m doing presently)

  3. What do I want?? (Drop into my intentional manifestations)

  4. Is there alignment?? (Does my being here and my present action hold congruency with my intentional manifestations)

Okay, so isn’t it funny how my mind so automatically gravitates toward the development of tools and systems and processes for making something “happen”. It’s like my mind is often engaged in this mode of conjuring up the casting components of magic spells (one question, spoken aloud within the first hour since the morning sun has first appeared on the horizon, scribe one word in response upon the purple card, light it aflame before my alter and play with the strands of wispy smoke: burn an incense stick infused with the essence of a fragrant purple flower in bloom).

  • [x] Send Andrea my manifestation message for staying in the room in Dave’s house

  • [ ] Invite Jordan Green and Family to the Boyer house for pool party on Saturday 8/14

  • [ ] Ask Dad about horseback camping with Andrea Labor Day weekend Sept 3rd - 6th

  • [ ] Check in with Dave and make sure that it’s okay to have some friends and my sister (remember how I manifested that shit of having an older sister as an adolescent) (remember how I manifested Pedro as an exchange student sibling but that felt like much more negative of an experience than I had anticipated and grasped for?)

Be very intentional when asking to share an experience with someone. Manage expectations and ask, for example:

“If you want to watch this movie with me, I would ask that you be willing to give it your full attention and set aside any potential for distractions. I truly want to share this experience with you and believe you will find a lot of joy and value out of it. I am very sensitive to whom and when I make this kind of offers to people because I grew up as an only-child, separated from my only half-sibling; sharing effectively has always been a challenge for me since my parents were basically my primary “playmates” in the household and they weren’t necessarily interested in playing with me in the ways I most wanted to play with when I was a child and coming into adolescence and adulthood”.

When are some concerts being held here in Walla Walla?

Downtown this Saturday night 8/14 (should run pretty late)

Be a facilitator of online meetings between friends and associates of mine that “need to meet!” Because there’s simply so much alignment between them!!

You and you should hop and a zoom with me and let’s talk about “coaching, etc.”

  • [ ] Follow up with Ivanna, Rosella, and offer to host a Zoom call with them

Breakfast of champions after my morning writing/workout session at the YMCA. I didn't eat all of it (but of course I ate the poptarts) which may proove to be a good sign since I'm going to soon meet my Dad for lunch at 12:30 at Big House brew pub after a 12:00 scheduled video call with Andrea. It's 11:45 right now. Pay my credit cards bills!

Walla Walla YMCA coffee lounge.

Friday morning.

Smokier outside and getting hot again.


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