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pg.0 Awaken the Giant voice typing blog challenge

Thanksgiving Day, 2021

The way that I'll do this is I will have the daily Awaken The Giant Within exercise blog post ready for the day.

  1. Open the blog post draft in Google Docs.

  2. Open the book.

  3. Go to the proper page in the book to get started by quickly reviewing the pages that explain the exercise.

  4. I'll need to write out brief summaries of the provided prompts as I go to answer them; but I shouldn't copy them down verbatim because it would take too much time!

  5. Speak into my phone's microphone, while looking at the text render through the transcription, do all of the editing on the fly just to get the basics down and not mis-transcribe what I'm saying.

  6. Copy and paste it all into my Wix blog post, and then delete the content in this temporary Google doc.

  7. Publish that post!

Yeah, there might be some light formatting changes to make but I can do that after it's public. I don't care.

If I want to get crazy and do more in a single day, I can just schedule each post to be published one day after the other.

God, it's a beautiful process and I'm so in love with it!

The real trick would be trying to do it in real time while listening to audio content?

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