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pg.51 Prove to myself that I've decided!

Make one or two decisions that I've been putting off: one easy decision and one that’s a bit more difficult.

  1. Easy decision: Order business cards to position myself as a Ghostwriter

  2. Difficult decision: Start attending Buddhist-based recovery group meetings online

Show myself what I can do. Right now, stop.

Make at least one clear-cut decision that I’ve been putting off—take the first action toward fulfilling it—and stick to it!

  • Login to my Vistaprint account and place an order of 500 cards using the black friday discount code for the cards I designed last week that label my services as "Personal Legacy Ghostwriting & Publishing". Don't cancel the order and wait until the final product is delivered.

  • Bookmark Recovery Dharma meetings:

  • Bookmark Refuge Recovery meetings:

By doing this, I'll be building that muscle that will give me the will to change my entire life!

Exercise from page 51 of Awaken The Giant Within, by Tony Robbins.


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