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Renew Beginnings

Updated: Nov 13

//\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ Renew Beginnings \\//

It’s completely acceptable to be a beginner at something. It takes incredible courage and humility, certainly. But, to willingly submit ourselves and identify as a “beginner” in some new subject of life insists that we possess a deep, intense curiosity within ourselves to explore and experiment.

Question + Explore + experiment = Curiosity in Action

A beginner, once having completely that very first step, BEGINNING ONCE is a now Novice! Congrats! You started! And I could entertain myself so far as to put the Novice along this spectrum of competency.

(Beginner initiated) then Novice > Adept > Expert > Master > Legendary

Novices have the most to learn (hence the 'greater than' symbol > usage). The journey of approaching more specific knowledge is in the progression from Novice to adept, to expert, to master, to legendary. (Side note: Expert and above are pretty fucking huge goals to impose upon ourselves. Let’s not even begin to assume we’re going work our way up to Mastery in our Instant Pot skills in the same moment that we’re pulling our first 6 quart DUO model of the Amazon box).

Where’s this all going, anyway?!?

I say, let’s “renew” our definition of Beginnings.

Beginnings = Precious opportunities to see and explore a bit of our universe for the first time, in a new way. You can find even more rewards of splendor to reap if you can explore new beginnings with another person (either your lesser, equal, or master in experience with the subject matter). Oh, and what’s more is that there is COMPLETE permission is granted for you to ask ANY question you like; and stretch your imagination to its furthest known limits. Enjoy the ride!!

The beginning is the BEST place to start (it’s also the ONLY place to start).

Asking ourselves, "What am I proud to be a Beginner at?"

Walla Walla YMCA.

Friday morning.

Light rain, gray, sopping skies with clouds.


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