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Speaking on behalf of Masculinity in Recovery

Updated: Nov 13

This is me: Speaking on behalf of masculinity in recovery.

An open letter to fellow Men, Women, and Magical Beings everywhere.

“Saying I Love You”

Dear Men:

We don’t have to wait until our partner (or friend) feels like they are “ours” to say, “I love you.”

  • #1 We do not ever “own” someone.

  • #2 You only need permission from your own heart to known when to share your love expression.

  • #3 Sayin i❤️u does not have to be exclusively reserved for your family or someone you are sexually intimate with. (Aka “fucking”)


Dear Women:

Sometimes we don’t translate “I love you” well.

Challenge us to love you outside the confines of sex-on-demand, our insecurity, or a fear of intimate loneliness.

We want to do that same work together with you. Sometimes we need a very safe place to start.


Dear Magical Beings Everywhere:

You may consider yourself or parts of yourself beyond traditional expectations or concepts of identity, including gender and sexuality.

Sometimes we don’t know that it’s possible to love what we don’t expect to ever understand or accept. Some of us hold onto deep patterns around this.

Invite us to see and know who you all are, as you are, where you are. Be gentle in your approach: we can perceive a threat when presented with a confusing sight/situation.

Grace us with patience.


Starbucks, downtown Walla Walla.

Thursday morning.

Cool and clear with a haze (or smoke) on the horizons.


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