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Story Rules

Updated: Nov 13

//\\ Story Rules \\//

Rules run the story, and shape the outcome of my days. These rules aren’t always enforced by an outside force (and even less often enforced by me).

WHAT I NEED TO WRITE BETTER STORIES… of the offerings I share and for the perspective of my own being.

  1. Rules = Unavoidable, but should be: fewer; simpler; more potent; focused on comprehensive wellness

  2. Routines = Systems, guidelines, practice – Something to follow

  3. Reminders = Prompt, meaningful – Triggers delivered on time, in the proper context

“I want so much that is not here and don’t know where to go” – Charles Bukowski

What’s the story of my Rules so far?

Let’s do this by leading into a simple confrontational statements. Here’s a story about a guy who… chose this life.

Simple rules for an existence as a writer living in Walla Walla, WA, a small city in the rural farmlands of the Pacific Northwest.

Simple rules to live by in order to sustain this life:

  • Drink teas and waters of any variety, primarily

  • Read someone else’s writing with the intention of discovering something for myself

  • Clean up after myself and the messes that nature tends to create around me

  • Cook and eat foods that I can easily identify

  • Go outside often

  • Engage with the public through service and gregariousness

  • Don’t write to make it right; let it be

  • Do less (bullshit)

  • Own a business

  • Make some $$$

  • Live in a community

  • Radiate love to warm hearts beyond my own

  • Have a home

  • Move my body for exercise, stretch, and expression

  • Sleep without distraction in accordance with my internal and surrounding energies

  • Never willingly accept to live in a state of fear


I’m feeling rather outcast, displaced, homeless, rejected.

Q: What am I trying to create consciously in this next week? A: Living in my own integrity and respecting my own boundaries first.

Energy attrition by over investing in expecting others to spend time with me.

High intention low attachment in sales/sharing/offering/requesting.

I am going to lose in order to win. Fail hard and fail fast.

I am immediate action. What if I am a distractible person?

I give my intentions appropriate attention.




Elliot Bay Brew Pub in downtown Burien, WA.

Thursday, early afternoon.

Rainy, gray, heavy skies, light breezes.


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