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pg.155 Physiology: The Power of Movement

This is a quick read-to-speak for writing session to catch up with my blog post for Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

Emotion is created by motion.

I’ll try something ridiculous for a second. Pretend I’m a rather bored and humorless symphony conductor, rhythmically swinging my arms in and out. Do it very slowly. Don't get too excited. Just do it as a matter of routine and make sure my face reflects a state of boredom... Notice how that feels. Now, take my hands, clap them together explosively and snap them back out as fast as I can, with a big silly grin on my face.

Intensify this by adding the vocal movement of an outrageously loud and explosive sound. The movement of air through my chest, throat, and mouth will change how I feel even more radically. That motion and speed I've created, both in my body and my vocal cords, will instantly change the way I feel!

What items are on my emotional buffet menu?

Expand my availability of emotional, physical, and mental patterns. Get clear on what emotions I'm experiencing on a regular basis. Try on new ones for size! Add them to my repertoire.

Wake my body up. Learn to put it in pleasurable states, consistently, no matter what's happened. How? Create energy by the way I think of something, over and over again, and I'll change the sensations I link to that situation in the future.

Notice how I'm sitting even now. Sit up right now and create more energy in my body as I continue not only to read, but also to master these principles.

What are some things I can do immediately to change my state and therefore how I feel, and how I perform? Take deep breaths in through my nose and exhale strongly through my mouth. Put a huge grin on my face and smile at myself and my loved ones.

If I really want to change my life, commit for the next seven days to spending one minute, five times a day, grinning from ear to ear in the mirror. This will feel incredibly stupid at first! But remember, by this physical act, I will be constantly triggering this part of my brain and creating a neurological pathway to pleasure that will become habitual.

So do it and make it fun!

Better yet: go out for a skip instead of a jog!

Learn to laugh. Along with my five smiles each day, make myself laugh for no reason at all, three times each day, for seven days.

Why not find somebody who laughs and mirror them? Breathe the way they breathe. Take on their posture and body movements. Use the same facial expressions, make the same sounds.

[Okay, so now I actually gotta practice all of this shiz I quoted out of the book!]

Exercise from page 155 of Awaken The Giant Within, by Tony Robbins

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