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Writing simply to journal in 5 min

And now is the precise moment when I should reward myself (and oh, baby do I know for sure how I'm gonna reward myself for this decision and action to write!) before I start a 5 minute timer on my desk and simply write out my journaling entry for the day.

[5 minutes later]

So here I am. Sitting up at my desk this morning before 9am because I've been up since before 7:30 and have already attended to the shortened version of my daily ROMWOD stretching and mobility routine, meditated for 10+ minutes (yeah I had some weed before both of those activities), completed my overdue Sadhana for the Dreamweaving space, Temple of Luminous Light that I missed for yesterday, responded to text messages that I hadn't replied to from yesterday, and now am getting my blog posting / journal entry done for the day in another simplified/minimized/essentialist format. And this feels fucking great to do!

Remember, and I should probably be adding this to the existing note that I have stored in my Google Keep account, that the hours of 6-8 pm in the evening are exceptional hours for me to be using my phone or computer to "socialize" with the people in my life and those who are online sharing very similar interests/solutions/problems/progress available to me that I can readily engage with and RESPOND to!

These evening hours can be my hours of LISTENTING, WATCHING, and HOLDING SPACE for others while I then give my time and attention to responding appropriately and engaging in whichever manner I see fit through Wise Action and Artful Communication.

Damn, I really love that The Art of Communication audiobook by Thich Naht Hanh I randomly found as the result of a YouTube autoplay result (I think it was following some sort of Jordan Peterson compilation video).

And now, I'm beyond complete.

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