A collage of old bookmarks I found in my book collection

Last Updated:
April 12, 2020
First Published:
April 12, 2020
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This was a fun little project...

The other day, I took to the task of gathering all of my books together.

No book was spared; whether it be stashed it my closest amidst other "misfit books" or stowed away in storage, I looked through EVERY BOOK I could claim ownership to.

I was truly most surprised by what FELL OUT of these books more than anything else...

The bookmarks, the bookmarks!

Many of these odd marking devices sparked a long-dormant story in my mind.

The image below shows my menagerie of assorted "bookmarks" that have lain amongst the pages of my personal library.

I'm pretty satisfied with their display!

Here's some of what I discovered "holding my place" inside some of my old books.

Can you find them all?

  • A thin refrigerator magnet for a pet rescue center
  • Some sort of My Little Ponies playing card??
  • My freshman homecoming photo with my date
  • A note written to my ex-girlfriend by her mother (she must have borrowed my book at some point)
  • A library book checkout receipt
  • An intention-setting note to myself
  • A business card from a potential client who never booked with me, but I did get paid $600 or something for putting a consultation/proposal together for them

What do you find yourself using to mark you place in your books??

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