💌 Beautiful language (and vocab) in 3 pages of a book

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May 7, 2020
First Published:
May 7, 2020
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I've attempted to take a stab at defining any interesting or complex words found in these three pages of a book I've had for years.

  • harbored (kept safe and secure)
  • foetuses (a different spelling for fetuses)
  • turtlelike (characteristic of a turtle)
  • groping (reaching awkwardly)
  • dartings (quick and direct bursts of movement)
  • finning (? using one's fins to maneuver through water)
  • grotesque (ugly as all hell)
  • ruddy (red in the cheeks)
  • dumpy (? sagging)
  • -swathed (covered with)
  • renowned (famous)
  • contrived (made to be a certain way)
  • angling (fishing)
  • obstetrician (deliverer of human babies)
  • landing (getting the fish in the boat)
  • eluded (avoided)
  • spills the beans (let out a secret)
  • allegory (story of metaphoric comparison)
  • intimation (? revelation)
  • lurking (laying in wait
  • inexplicably (without any explanation)
  • innocuous (seemingly innocent and unable to cause harm)
  • phony (fake or being an imposter)
  • trudging (walking in a purposeful manner through challenging terrain)
  • dwarfish (small)
  • posterior (human ass)
  • purgation (? releasing of something that's been holding on)
  • Mightn't (contraction of might not)
  • analogous (similar in form or type)
  • cranial enema (metaphorically flushing out one's brain)
  • distinguished (held in high regard; fancy and prominent)
  • meerschaums (? no idea)
  • briar perfects (? no idea)
  • tweeds (? material or style of pants)
  • scrupulousness (? detail and moral value)
  • rivalling (on par with something or someone else)
  • chagrin (? modest distaste with some embarrassment)
  • ludicrous (crazy)
  • designations (labels or defining qualities)
  • symbology (study and interpretation into the meaning of symbols)
  • nemesis (sworn enemy)
  • antagonist (the character who motivates the protagonist)
  • antithesis (the opposite of)
  • rarefied (? made to seem rare)
  • purist (one who must do things according to traditionally established norms)
  • infamy (remembered with a negative reputation)
  • heresy (rebellious talk)
  • low church (? poorly practiced worship)
  • pariah (? defiler)
  • antipode (? negates something)
  • plunker (? a user)
  • color glossies (? color photos in a printed magazine)
  • historicity (accurate historical representation)
  • bardic (like a bard in character; able to tell stories well)
  • literary sportsman (one who writes about sports with rich and structured language)
  • transmogrifies (turns into something else)
  • -yarn (? i don't know, really)

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