🖼️ Do you grow herbs in pots?

Last Updated:
April 12, 2020
First Published:
April 12, 2020
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This will be my 2nd calendar year tending to an indoor culinary herb collection in movable pots.

Although, I am adjusting to a new climate zone this year. Last year, I was in Western WA last year. I'm keeping my herbs in Eastern WA weather this year.

Here are the few potted herbs I just bought to get my collection started and growing again:

  1. Purple Sage
  2. Pinapple Sage (smells just like pineapple!)
  3. Apple Mint (smells like a more fruity mint)

I'm not BS-ing around with sowing my herbs from seed, so I'll plan on purchasing all of my herbs as "starter plants" (either a seedling growth or small, fully-developed plant).

I'm more for plant adoption vs. breeding.

What amazes me is that there are SO MANY RULES and methods to successfully cultivating a garden. It's such an astoundingly sophisticated and elegant cultural practice. Think about how many variables there are to proper gardening.... whoa...

But first,

  • Q: How do I even get started??
  • A: By narrowing my challenge all the F' down

So, instead of learning all there is to know about GARDENING...


That's a subject I can become a student of for this growing season.


  • Q: Are my methods going to be the greatest conceivable way to produce the most abundant / delicious / strong / magical plants on the face of this Earth???
  • A: No, but I can still come hella far along in developing my skills, so long as I choose to participate and become involved in the process of constant learning and discovery (I like that idea a lot).

Here's what I'm thinking to do so far:

  • Use pots with drainage holes
  • Add some gravel or pebbles to create a small layer at the bottom of the pot (covering drainage holes)
  • Use a pre-fertilized "organic potting mix" to transplant my new herbs into their new-home pots
  • Learn more about proper tending and maintenance based on the herb's species

If you happen to know anything about cultivating culinary herbs in pots, hit me up.

Let's grow more together!

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