Excerpts from just two pages of Think and Grow Rich

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February 22, 2020
First Published:
February 22, 2020
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I've found these snippets to be demonstrative of beautiful and powerful language patterns.

To start, I thumbed near the introductory pages of my copy of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, 2015, Chartwell Books.

I browsed around a bit until an obvious section of text caught my attention:

You are "The Master of Your Fate, The Captain of Your Soul," Because...

I then highlighted these 2 phrases, separately:

  1. "Master of Your Fate"
  2. "Captain of Your Soul"
Two pages of the book Think and Grow rich lie open with pink highlighted areas
Where this entire post began: randomly flipping through a book on my desk until something stood out to me

Next, I continued highlighting small segments of word strings that most interested me. I never left the span of the two pages opened, working only forward and backward from the originally selected phrases until the ends of each page (okay, I did follow the last paragraph to its end on the 2nd page).

What follows is simply a listing of each small phrase or word highlighted.

Can you, imagine what could be built upon such a stupendous arrangement of commanding language??

Language Excerpts

  • produce it anyway
  • as if by a stroke of magic
  • may not be described with minute accuracy
  • the sum and substance of it is correct
  • deduce from it
  • if you can
  • understands and applies
  • stupendous achievement
  • if you can lay your finger on
  • particular group of principles which made him rich
  • equal his achievements
  • any calling for which you are suited
  • master of your own fate
  • captain of your own soul
  • prophetic lines
  • the ether in which the world floats
  • at an inconceivably high rate
  • transmute
  • physical equivalent
  • with great emphasis
  • become magnetized
  • harmonize with the nature of
  • dominating thoughts
  • accumulate riches in great abundance
  • magnetize our minds with
  • money conscious
  • contented himself by
  • a great truth
  • poetic form
  • interpret the philosophical meaning of
  • the truth has unfolded itself
  • principles described in
  • the secret of mastery
  • economic fate
  • spirit of open-mindedness
  • without influence
  • for your own enduring benefit
  • it conveys factual information
  • financial destiny
  • it has so definitely brought changes
  • of stupendous proportions
  • I could have taken no liberties with the facts
  • generously accredit to
  • more than justifies
  • personal reference
  • as a means of emphasizing
  • far-flung power of

One could even turn these into those little magnet pieces you arrange on your refrigerator door, along with extra connector words. I wonder if such a thing could be made to order... That would be a great gift idea, to custom make those for someone using words and phrases related to them.

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