I ate 2 Crunch Bars right before bed

My Crunch Bar story
Last Updated:
February 20, 2020
First Published:
February 20, 2020
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Crunch. Crunch.

Two crunchy Crunch Bars go round the outside, round the outside

Of my head

Like a mobile

I can chase with my eyes but never reach.

Waiting in the pantry

Amongst the righteous Costco stores

Two chocolate bars confer

Their Desire | My Salivation

Alluring beams of psychic energy

Torrenting me

My mind and nasal cavities

I accept and submit

Hither, I am off to thee

Hi, there

Creamy Milk Chocolate with Crisp Rice.

Oh! Almost forgot about you,

"Other" Creamy Milk Chocolate with Crisp Rice.

colton james townsend smiles for the camera with the seattle port in the background

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