No Such Thing as a "Bad Habit"

Last Updated:
April 20, 2020
First Published:
April 20, 2020
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I would argue that there is no such thing a bad habit.

Any habitual behavior can only be measured in action performed. This action can certainly be considered to bring about positive or negative consequences, from the observer's perspective.

We are all quite proficient in our current habits, I'll bet. In fact, I would argue that there are relatively few habits we poorly maintain; These are generally those “good habits” that we’re trying to develop, but don't get around to often enough.

If you claim that you cannot reliably accomplish a routine task, such as getting out of bed early in the morning, instead, consider that you are quite good at staying in bed an extra hour longer than intended.

Omitting to perform one action must be substituted with another.

Sure, you aren't getting up at the hour for which your alarm was set, but you are damned skilled at adding extra minutes that sucker. From this perspective, we reliably conduct our strongest habits in most activities we abide by throughout the day.

When attempting to substitute an undesired habit with one that is more favorable, we cannot simply force ourselves to perform new actions. Instead, we should first analyze what incentives lure us to continue with our present habit.

Being more aware of our motivations in current actions will allow us to devise new and creative alternatives to depart from the undesired and make way for new explorations.

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