So, what are your plans this month?

Last Updated:
April 5, 2020
First Published:
April 5, 2020
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I thought it would be interesting to ask as many people as I can about how they plan to spend their time during the COVID-19 quarantine (at least in Washington State).

So, what do you have in store for this month-long interruption to our "normal lives"???


As of now I've somehow ended up as a participant in 3 separate "XX Day Challenges".

And I want to see them all through to their completion!

The weird part is that I'm actually sticking with them and participating every day in...


But, there are some interesting results thus far that are worth sharing with these daily challenges (and to keep me going because now you know!)

57% I'm on day 12 of 21 for the Abundance Challenge

27% and Day 8 of 30 for Yoga with Adriene

38% Day 5 of 13 for Read to Lead

The goal is to whittle down the Dark Blue bars while growing the Light Blue ones

Let me say that while I do participate in each of the challenges every day, I don't always engage in the most ideal way. My action is imperfect and the steps I take are small enough as to not be too intimidating.

But the important part is the daily action.

And that's EXACTLY what I want to bring into my life this month!

I'll keep you updated.

Let me know what you're planning for the sake of self-improvement this month and we can check back in with each other on the other side of this "social distancing".

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