📝 The 5 min Morning Therapeutic Writing Exercise

A guided writing practice for surveying your thoughts and concerns you can use at the start of your day
Last Updated:
April 27, 2020
First Published:
April 27, 2020
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So, I've been into making videos lately; tutorial videos, specifically (wow.. punctuation much?).

Anyways, I'm playing around with various forms and formats for producing instructional videos. I am finding that producing these kinds of videos helps me out in several ways:

  1. I can quickly and easily point someone to a link on YouTube to a video I made for them
  2. When presenting a demonstration to my digital marketing clients, putting a quick video together for them to view at their leisure saves them a good deal of time NOT in a drawn-out meeting
  3. I learn SO much more about the topic I'm presenting on while producing the video; There's research to be done, an outline to be drawn, oh and I'm actually practicing the exercise being presented while presenting it to you! Everyone knows we learn best by DOING and TEACHING

... Which leads me to something I would like to share with you!

This video is called: 📝 The 5 min Morning Therapeutic Writing Exercise

It's a follow-along tutorial in which I actively demonstrate the journaling exercise I'm describing.

No, it's not super-polished.

No, it's also not 100% thought out and scripted.

Yes, it's an attempt for me to learn something new and to explore more avenues for me to creatively connect with other people.

So, that's cool!

Here you go.

colton james townsend smiles for the camera with the seattle port in the background

Colton James Townsend

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