Colton James Townsend's Professional Resume

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This is the most basic representation of my life's work, professional accomplishments, and projects. I only hope that this lightweight depiction of my value sparks a motivation in you, the reader. If something you've come across in the following exhibit does resonate with you, I invite you to Contact Me Here so that we might begin exploring a new opportunity.

Colton James Townsend, LLC

January 2020 - Present

Founder, Owner, Manager, etc.

I've been an employee several times and business owner once at this point in my life . Still, I wanted to experience the entrepreneurial side of "freelancing" while developing my brand as an individual rather than as corporate entities.

I suppose that the remainder of the story of my involvement with this company will remain to be seen... 😇

Tall Town design, Incorporated

November 2015 - JANUARY 2020

Co-Founder, Owner, marketing specialist, etc.

Along with a lifelong friend and equally naive/ambitious business partner, Connor Talbott and I formed our very first company together, licensed and registered in the state of Washington as an S Corporation.

Website design, ecommerce web store management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid advertising — it feels like we've touched on just about every major angle of digital marketing through the work we've done with some outstanding clients for their businesses.

CDK Global, Digital marketing

June 2014 - February 2016

Project Specialist II

I generally supported the sales operations and marketing teams at CDK Global within their digital marketing solutions division. I started at CDK when the Seattle agency was known as Cobalt digital marketing, as product marketing intern. Cobalt was completely rebranded in a spinoff merger with another automotive dealership technology and I was there to observe the entire process from acquisition to the new company's launch.

I have built a territory management dashboard for our sales team as well as a series of reporting tools for sales and marketing managers. In my early time there, I audited and drove an overhaul of the marketing team's internal content management system for sales documentation.

DSquared Hospitality Company

September 2017 - october 2019

Service Team Liaison, Lead Event Server

Two disparate needs collided to motivate my decision to connect with the DSquared Hospitality Company:

  1. I wanted to train in the food service industry for the first time, having no prior experience
  2. My company, Tall Town, was not yet capable of withstanding payroll so that I could support myself as an employee

Before I knew what happened, I had received all the certifications, training and trust of the managers of the company; I was promoted to a position of leadership on the service team before the end of my first quarter as an employee.

A partnership between my company and DSquared soon formed, resulting in having DSquared on as my website management and SEO client (more in the other DSquared section).

Having become so ingrained with the company's operations, leadership, and marketing, I was selected to apply for a full-time position as the newly formed Service Team Liaison role. In this role, I served as a content developer and communications conduit between operations management and the service team staff. All staff were generally part-time employees and the active roster fluctuated often — I helped to design communication and organizational systems to distribute pertinent information.