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Hi, I'm Colton. In addition to working as a freelance copywriter with Colton James Townsend, LLC, I have prior experience as a business owner of a small website design, SEO, and digital marketing agency. These days, I focus on doing more of what I love most about marketing — the writing! I'm based out of Walla Walla now, but also serve the following areas locally: Tri Cities, Dayton, Waitsburg, & Prescott (plus, globally, if you consider my ability to work remotely).

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How to find a reliable local copywriter in walla walla??

If you're looking for a copywriter who prides himself on dedication to his deliverables and the opportunities his clients present, we should talk! 👍 My pricing is always reasonable, not mortifying. You can email me at info@coltonjamestownsend.com or use this site's contact page here.

Now, with all that self-promote-like business out of the way, let me recommend you once piece of advice when searching for a local copywriter to hire : SHOP AROUND

I've already gone ahead and searched online for some other copywriters in Walla Walla for you to review. Shouldn't good copywriters be easy to find online?? Here you go:

Now that you've done your due diligence in evaluating the market of local copywriters for you next marketing project, let's discuss what a good copywriting service can do for you!

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Here's what I can uniquely offer in the way of my copywriting services

  • You are the expect in your field, it's my job to extract your specialized knowledge on paper (well, on screen, I guess)
  • I LISTEN and assume the role of a person in your audience, anticipating that you'll have something of interest to entice me
  • (This is the part where I write a lot) 📝
  • Combining the contents of your knowledge with the skepticism and uninformed perspective of your target audience, I deliver pages of written material to work into your project or marketing materials
  • There's a lot more to the process, of course. But you get the picture: We work to understand one another and I deliver the writing you can use again and again in your communications

I sincerely hope we get the chance to connect if the information presented here has interested you in my services. Contact Me Here or with the button below.

Why should I hire a local copywriter in walla walla anyway? What is my benefit?

I've found that writing caries an odd paradox with it, that I believe we all experience in one form in another:

We have spent much of our lives learning to write in school. We also write emails, text messages, and all other means of correspondence throughout our daily lives. Yet, despite such familiarity with the craft, we can FREEZE when we ACTUALLY need to write something IMPORTANT for the PUBLIC.

Whoa... it is much more difficult to come up with something "good to say" when the pressure is on to entertain, inform, or sell our ideas (and ourselves) to other people.

It's okay that writing is hard. That's precisely why some of us choose the craft as a profession and means of living, for the challenge and the value we can create for others. (Maybe we're a little too "in love" with language and are just nerdy in general. But that's okay too 😛).

Other marketing specialties I can provide for local businesses in Walla Walla

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Website Design

I've worked as website designer for many small, local clients and colleagues. I've certainly designed my own website and can work with your website when managing your online marketing programs.

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Local Search Engine Optimization 'SEO'

As a local business, organization, or professional individual, it's important to evaluate how well your brand "ranks" in online searches made locally. My work improves your search performance for customers who need you.

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Colton James Townsend

Storyteller and Teacher at coltonjamestownsend.com, "Fearless Story Productions" and "Wake Up & Do Me"

I live, work, and write in the fine city of Walla Walla, Washington. I help creative people and business owners publish stories and content for the web so they can achieve results online, personally and professionally. You're an expert in your field or a person with a strong story to tell — I help you broadcast your knowledge and experiences effectively. The results? Amplification.

MISSION: "Bringing Your Brilliance to the Whole Wide World"